Practicing Peace Lenten Reflections

Each week for the next 6 weeks we will publish a lenten devotional to give you practical ways to practice peacemaking.

Religious Freedom & the Marrakesh Declaration: A Behind-the-Scenes Account

"The more we ponder the various crises threatening humanity, the more firmly we believe that interfaith cooperation is necessary, inevitable and urgent.” And the leaders of the Marrakesh event modelled the priority of cooperation by inviting well over 25 non-Muslim guests as participant-observers. Buddhists, Jews, mainline Christians, human rights activists and a few evangelical guests like Bob Roberts Jr. and myself were all honored guests.

The Marrakesh Declaration: A Game Changer for Christian-Muslim Relations?

When Muslim peacemakers take bold initiatives to counter violence and work for peace, the world should take note. People of all faiths - and no faith - should do everything they can to support these efforts. Let me tell you why we should celebrate and support the Marrakesh Declaration.

How YOU Can Slow Down ISIS

What can we, simple civilian followers of Jesus, do in response to ISIS? The fullness of ISIS's recruiting is complex, but one story they tell is that Westerners (and Christians, in particular) are at war with Muslims. So we must help those who are vulnerable to recruitment EXPERIENCE a story that contradicts the story ISIS is telling.

Lessons Learned from an Anti-Islam Protest: Our Talk with Usama Shami

The world is seemingly becoming overrun with hate and violence. We hear about yet another shooting practically daily. But as we are so inundated with horror story after horror story, we’d like to bring you news of a story that turned out very differently.

4 Practical Ways to Start Making Peace in the New Year

As you start making your resolutions for the New Year, here are some easy and practical ways to get started with peacemaking (that anyone can do)...

A Prayer Challenge for a Weary, War-Torn World

Will you wage peace with us? Let’s pray in the new year by praying for Syria, South Sudan, Somalia, Central African Republic, and Afghanistan!

An Open Letter to our Muslim Friends

Dear Muslim Friends, I hope it's okay with you if I share a bit from my heart.

Love Your Neighbor (Whatever His Religion)

The world seems to be going mad. If you go by what the news reports, the situation is pretty bleak. Particularly when it comes to relations between Christians and Muslims. But what we hear on the news is not the whole story.

Colorado Gives Day TOMORROW

Both Muslims and Christians should live in safe, supportive communities... but this reality is not possible without the hard work of peacemaking. One practical way to give the gift of peace is to partner with Peace Catalyst International.