Waging Peace in Love: 5 Practical Steps

In recent years, I have been accumulating a list of key principles I am learning from Jesus about loving others practically. These are core values that Jesus modeled and taught, and they are not optional for those who would follow the Messiah and wage peace in a broken world.

Wage Peace with Wisdom: Practice the Four R’s of Civil Discourse

Are you fed up with hate speech, inflammatory rhetoric, and uncivil discourse in politics and social media? We in Peace Catalyst International are… so we are beginning the Waging Peace Campaign!

3 Ways to Engage Muslims

When I told my Jesus-following friends I would be speaking in a mosque, testifying to Jesus’ work in my life and how He motivates me to stand against discrimination, hate crimes and oppression, I was met with suspicion and confusion. With Islamophobia on the rise, countering the dehumanization of Muslims is an unpopular stance, but it is the right one.

Enemy Love: A Lent Reflection

What's one thing I can do this week to imitate Jesus' attitude toward me, proactively and creatively loving and blessing all kinds of people - even my enemies?

Israel-Palestine: Rays of Hope in the Dark Divide part 2

Don’t believe all the negative press about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Seeds of peace are being sown by both Israelis and Palestinians in this entrenched conflict.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Rays of Hope in a Dark Divide

I was invited to speak at the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference in Bethlehem this year, so I invited my good friend Tim McDonell to join me. We went early to meet with Israelis and Palestinians before the conference. Our natural tendency is to focus on the plight of the Palestinians, so we determined to fight this prejudice by listening to and empathizing with both Palestinians AND Israelis.

Lent Devotional: Approaching Forgiveness

When we have been forgiven and covered in God’s grace, we are able to love and forgive those who have missed the mark of God’s perfect love and of faith in their dealings with us.

Friendship, the Fruit of Peacemaking: A Lenten Devotional

Our work is not rocket science. Rather, it’s simply a matter of opening our hearts (and often our homes) to meet people where they are, to build genuine friendship, and to share with these friends the little things in life.

The Responsibility of Peace: a Lenten Reflection

It’s 3:00 in the morning and my baby is crying. After almost an hour of soothing and hushing and comforting, my husband turns her over to me for a try. I’m exhausted after a day of sickness tearing through my body. I have nothing left in my stomach and I’m shaky from dehydration… but I still walk down to her room, hold her, and nurse her back to sleep.

Wisdom from Heaven for Lent

I live in an inner-city neighborhood. Somali refugees, Nepali students, Mexican construction workers, African American neighbors and a few white people all share the same space. Gunshots and sirens are common. There is a house that sells drugs in the next block. Strip joints, liquor stores, check cashing stores, and fast food restaurants compete for our attention.