FAQ 2: How Does Peacemaking Relate to Evangelism?

What does it mean to be an evangelical peacemaker? For many, this is an oxymoron. How can you be a true peacemaker and at the same time be a faithful evangelical?

FAQ 1: Is It Really Possible to Have Peace Between Christians and Muslims?

Peace Catalyst International gets asked a lot of the same questions over and over again. The wording may be different, but the concerns remain the same. Because of this, we are writing a number of blogs addressing some of our Frequently Asked Questions. FAQ 1: Is It Really Possible to Have Peace Between Christians and Muslims?

Muslims are Asking Questions in Louisville

“We don’t want to just talk about things, we want to do things together, make a difference. Let’s get together and build friendships, not by meeting and discussing our differences, but doing things together.” What would happen if we worked side by side to bless our community?

Crucial Conversations: How To Talk About Tough Issues

This is a book about how to foster healthy conversations about tough issues and maintain open communication in potentially explosive situations. Peacemaking happens in big ways and in very small ways. It happens between conflicting people groups in the world and between individuals in the smallest of conversations, and the principles in Crucial Conversations empower us to both talk about the hard things AND maintain relationship.

Two Nighttime Flights

She was a refugee from Syria, a beautiful young woman, dressed in black from head to toe. A patterned scarf was tied around her head and tucked into a lightweight double-breasted suit coat that skirted the floor. She spoke passionately in a language I couldn’t understand, and her young interpreter had to stop a time or two to choke back tears.

Srebrenica: The Past Lives On

On Saturday, Peace Catalyst staff and volunteers in Seattle came together with our Bosnian friends in remembrance of the Srebrenica genocide their people experienced in Europe only twenty years ago. In 1995 Serbian soldiers killed more than 8,000 Muslim men and boys in Srebrenica. For followers of Jesus (and American citizens), what is our responsibility towards these new neighbors? They have simply asked us to join them in the act of remembering the horrific events so that massacres like this never happen again.

A Different Kind of Peace Feast: Mediation with Burmese Refugees

23 Burmese refugee leaders gathered for a peace feast in Denver. We all sat cross-legged on mats, enjoying a variety of delicious Burmese foods and talking. But this was different than most Peace Feasts.

I met the Enemy in Indonesia: Islam & the Clash of Civilizations

Two leaders from the Hizb ut-Tahrir spoke to our group in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. These men outlined a bold, utopian Islamic vision. They saw themselves at war with Western civilization and sought to establish a global Caliphate - an Islamic government with a leader over their entire Muslim community, known as a Caliph.

Is it Possible to Have Peace between Christians and Muslims?

I spent three of the most intense and exciting days of my life making peace in a city in Central Java, Indonesia called Purwokerto.

A Day in the Life of a Peacemaker in Indonesia

In May I visited Indonesia -- the largest Muslim country in the world. Indonesia is a democracy which has had a female President in the past, Megawati Sukarno. So the typical stereo types that most Muslims are Arabs; they can’t embrace democracy, and they oppress women is not true.