Peace Feast Phoenix

Christians and Muslims gathered in Phoenix to listen to and learn from one another around the theme of “re-writing the rhetoric of hate.” The evening’s panel of peacemakers were Rick Love, Imam Ahmed, Usama Shami, Muna Ali, and Jackie Parks. It’s obvious by a hand on a shoulder and laughter at a shared memory that some of these leaders have done the intentional work of building genuine relationships.

Blessed are the Peacemakers Movie: A Journey to Palestine

Photographer, visual peacemaker, and Peace Catalyst staff member, Andy Larsen has spent a good amount of time in the Holy Land and has collaborated with Emmy award-winning producer John Yeager to produce the movie Blessed Are The Peacemakers to document Andy's journey through the Holy Land and to tell the stories of real people living life there.

Offering an Alternative Narrative

When trying to understand the perceived “other,” it’s important to be cautious about single-story narratives (i.e. “just watch a 4-minute video on YouTube to know the truth”) and information from mass media and to instead get to know real people in real relationship. That’s why we do what we do.

Bearing the Burden of Hate - What Can You Do?

Creating a culture of widespread distrust and fear of an entire group is a technique that has been used preceding mass violence throughout history. As followers of Jesus, what are we to do?

New Peacemaking 101 Online Course

One of the questions people ask us most often is, "How do I get started in peacemaking?" So we've created an online, self-paced course to give you the basics and help you on your journey toward becoming a peacemaker.

How a Revolutionary Prayer Can Make You a World Changer (Part 3)

I’ve met a lot of world-changers and activists in my life. And one thing I’ve noticed is that they all need to be focused in one specific direction in order to be most fruitful! That’s why I think learning to pray the Serenity Prayer as a way of life is so revolutionary.

How a Revolutionary Prayer Can Make You a World Changer (Part Two)

Reinold Neibuhr’s serenity prayer is revolutionary! These three short petitions about serenity, courage and wisdom create a prayer that can be a life-changer. Praying this prayer will make you more peaceful and productive. Who doesn’t want that?

How a Revolutionary Prayer Can Make You a World Changer

When I was a young leader one of my favorite sayings was, “There are three kinds of people: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened.”

Muslim-Christian Dinner Club: You Can Do It, Too!!!

In our metro area, we wanted to create a partnership between a mosque and a church around one simple idea: getting people together who have reason to remain isolated from one another.

Real Friendship with Real People with Whom We Have Real Differences

At the Apex Mosque/Fellowship of Christ Dinner Club in Raleigh, we gather monthly for a potluck meal, lots of laughter, and occasional serious talk about real issues. Here's how you can do this in your city.