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Seeking Peace Among Muslim Refugees: Three Lessons Learned

World Refugee Day was June 20th, and in honor of that day and all the refugees among us, we'd like to share this blog from Josh Prather, one of our PCI staff who has been working with refugees in Phoenix for several years and has learned a great deal along the way.

Why a Peacebuilding Novice Attended the Evangelicals for Peace Meeting

What am I doing here? How did I get the chance to be in this room? Those questions resonated through my mind countless times during the most recent Evangelicals for Peace (EFP) meeting in Washington, D.C.

Video: End Times Theology

Many people object to working toward peace, in the Middle East for example, because of various End Times beliefs. In this video, Rick Love addresses this objection and discusses an approach to peacemaking in light of End Times theology.

My Friend the Muslim Peacemaker

My colleague Jeff Burns had told me that Imam Abdullah Antepli was an amazing guy, so I was excited when I recently got to meet him during my time at the Duke Center for Reconciliation Summer Institute. Abdullah was co-leading a class on Islam and Christianity with Dr. Ellen Davis, an Old Testament scholar.

Exclusive Truth Claims and Inclusive Love Aims

Many Christians struggle with the balance between holding onto exclusive truth claims and at the same time loving people inclusively. In this video, Rick Love talks about this apparent dichotomy and offers way forward.

Video: Plank Removal

Why is it so hard for Christians to apologize first in conflict? In this newest video, Rick talks about the concept of dealing with our own sin and wrongdoing BEFORE confronting others about their sins. This is the key to reconciliation and to personal healing.

Stories from Afghanistan: an Evangelical, a Jihadist, and a Communist Muslim?

When my friend introduced me to my Afghan officemate, he said, "Thomas, please meet Mr. Siraji, a key part of the Aghan-Turk staff. Mr. Siraji was a member of the Mujahideen. He was one of the youngest jihadists fighting against the Russians. But don't worry, Thomas. He has come down from the mountain, he has shaved his beard, and he is MOSTLY civilized now!"

Video: Total Depravity vs. Common Grace

We've been hard at work creating new videos! This week, Rick Love talks about the presence of common grace in all cultures and nations of our world - despite the reality of total depravity and human sinfulness.

Stories from Afghanistan: Shaved Heads and Sacrificial Love

On day three of my 15-day seminar, some of the Turkish and Afghan teachers greeted me with a major surprise. Kabul in January can be quite cold, and there was quite a bit of snow on the ground outside as we gathered at 8:00am in a chilly classroom for the start of our day's work.

Stories from Afghanistan: Fear, Love, Friendship and a Snowball Fight

During my last week in Kabul, I awoke one morning to a fresh snow covering of about eight inches. As my students and I were beginning our early morning class session, we heard a very loud thud. Looking toward the sound, we saw the remnants of a massive snowball that had struck (and nearly cracked, I'm sure) our classroom window.