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Following the Radical Jesus: Why are Christians so bad at loving the “other?”

“Christians do very well as compared to the rest of society. They are neighborly, forgiving and caring for the poor....” So writes Bradley R.E. Wright. This is good news. But even this positive book acknowledges that Christians, on the whole, still don’t like people of other races, religions, and sexual orientation. Christians struggle with loving the “other.”

Do You Know Any Muslims?

This is a fantastic 5-minute video of Carl Medearis talking about some common objections he hears to befriending and doing peacemaking with Muslims. We highly recommend it, and feel free to share this with your friends.

Are Jesus-Centered Peacemakers Teaching Chrislam?

A recent blog accused me of being a proponent of “Chrislam,” the syncretistic blending of Christianity and Islam. This type of accusation is nothing new. In fact, those of us who love Muslims or make peace with Muslims are often accused of compromising our faith. This blog stated that I was at the forefront of compromise with Islamic Theology. Wow! Serious allegations. So I think I should respond.

Can a Christian Learn from a Muslim? A Review of Sacred Ground by Eboo Patel

Can a Christian learn anything from a Muslim? I have learned a lot from my Muslim friends. For example, I have learned much more about hospitality from my Muslim friends than I have from my Christian friends. Hospitality is an important theme in Scripture, and Muslims have modeled for me what hospitality truly is. I have also learned a lot from Eboo Patel’s latest book, Sacred Ground: Pluralism, Prejudice and the Promise of America.

A Report on Evangelicals for Peace: What Happened and Where are We Headed?

I have been on a high ever since the Evangelicals for Peace Summit! I want to thank Peter Sensenig, David Johnston, Greg Metzger, and Byron Borger for their excellent blogs about the summit. I am humbled by the phone calls and emails I have received congratulating me and calling the summit a success. Here's how it went:

Bob Roberts Jr Meets with President Morsi of Egypt

Today's post was written by Bob Roberts Jr., author and senior pastor at Northwood Church, and originally posted on his blog. Today we're re-posting it here with his permission...

Evangelicals for Peace: Jesus at the Center of Peacemaking

All the hard work and planning has paid off, and the Evangelicals for Peace summit was a tremendous success! We had a phenomenal lineup of speakers and a packed room full of attendees. Peacemaking is a movement that is beginning to take hold, but what was specifically unique about this group is the focus on Jesus-centered peacemaking. Here's what participant Peter Sensenig had to say about the gathering and how Jesus is at the center of this kind of peacemaking.

What Role Does the Gospel Play in Peacemaking?

Do we do peacemaking simply as an avenue to share the Gospel with people, or does the very act of peacemaking glorify God in and of itself? This week we'd like to continue our video series from Rick Love's talk at the Society of Vineyard Scholars, and today he addresses the Gospel and the role it plays in the work of peacemaking.

Peacemaking Defined

What exactly is peacemaking? What's the difference between peacemaking and reconciliation? Are they the same thing? If you wonder about questions like this, Rick Love gives some answers in today's short video clip.

Evangelicals for Peace: A Leftist, Pacifist Plot or Jesus-Centered Conversation?

I laughed and then cringed when I read the title of Mark D. Tooley’s blog, “Evangelical Left Plots D.C. Pacifist Summit.” He was referring to the upcoming “Evangelicals for Peace” summit that I am organizing. Thank you Mark for raising concerns and giving me an opportunity to clarify what we hope to do.