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Thomas Jefferson, Eboo Patel, and Religious Pluralism

Why would I link the illustrious (principal) author of the U.S. Declaration of Independence and its third president with 38-year-old Indian Muslim immigrant Eboo Patel, founder of the Interfaith Youth Core? The answer is that Jefferson consciously paved the way for Muslims to be citizens of the country he helped to found.

A Biblical Alternative to Interfaith Dialogue

I think I am allergic to interfaith dialogue. When I get near interfaith dialogue events, I begin to gnash my teeth in frustration at the tendency toward superficial, lowest-common-denominator discussions about how similar we all are and the often-aggressive hostility toward very basic religious practices such as evangelization. When I, as a Christian, am asked to come to such events but am told that no sharing of faith will be allowed, I feel as if I am being asked to leave a part of my faith at the door. How can an event be interfaith if I cannot bring my faith fully and wholly?

Prince of Peace Primer

As we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus, we rejoice in proclaiming the Prince of Peace. Yet at times the centrality of peace as a theme at Christmas can feel distant from the world we live in. From armed conflict to family strife to internal turmoil, no matter how much we may love peace it can feel like just a far off ideal. In a recent sermon about the Prince of Peace, Pastor Steve Grusendorf of Princeton Alliance Church in New Jersey provides a very helpful introduction to how Jesus bridges this gap.

Another Seat at the Table: Thanksgiving Friendship Dinners

Inspired by my own memories of being warmly welcomed into Azerbaijani homes for traditional holidays during my two years in the Peace Corps, I envisioned international students celebrating Thanksgiving at friendship dinners. What better way to develop friendships between Muslims and Christians than over great food and conversation? The Thanksgiving holiday seemed like a perfect time to include guests from Muslim backgrounds at the table.

Halal Turkey for Thanksgiving

This is the kind of thing we're seeing God do all over Peace Catalyst - and why the transition we're in right now is so important.

Help Peace Catalyst Grow Up

Peace Catalyst is growing up, and we've got exciting changes underway! Please take a minute to watch this video by our President Rick Love to find out what's happening.

Planting Seeds of Peace in Syria: Helping Suffering Refugees

The war in Syria is complex and catastrophic. The United Nations has called this conflict one of the very worst humanitarian disasters the world has seen. Even worse, the governments of the world seem incapable of helping. So what can people of faith do about this?

Visual Peacemaking: Building Bridges Through Photography

Our very own Andy Larsen, a photographer and peacemaker on our Seattle team, was recently featured on television for his work in building bridges through visual media. Check out his segment on Seatle's King 5 news.

American Conservatives, Islam, and Religious Realism in U.S. Foreign Policy

U.S. foreign policy should become more effective in advancing the institutions and habits of religious freedom. Doing so would aid the victims of religious persecution in Muslim-majority countries and advance American national security. How? Empirical studies (and common sense) indicate that more religious freedom in those countries will reduce violent religious extremism, including the terrorism that has reached our shores, while also increasing the chances for stable democracy and economic growth.

Peacemaking in Pakistan: Promoting Religious Freedom

A few months ago, Douglas Johnston called and asked if Peace Catalyst wanted to partner with ICRD. He asked me to recruit evangelical leaders who would meet with high-level Muslim leaders from Pakistan to dialogue about religious freedom. We have a two-point agenda: (1) to address the persecution of minorities in Pakistan, many of whom are Christians, and (2) to address the problem of Islamophobia in the U.S.