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Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

One of the most radically Jesus-centered Christians I know of was Charles de Foucauld, a Catholic monk who took the presence of Jesus to the heart of the Sahara desert around the turn of the 19th-20th centuries. The Muslim Tuareg tribes grew to love him, referring to him affectionately as the "White Father." Interestingly, Charles was not motivated by mere humanitarian concern; it was his complete devotion to what he called the "bleeding heart of Jesus" which inspired him to go to those he considered farthest from the gospel, the nomads of the Sahara.

A Father's Love

I have learned so much from my Muslim friends over the years. Does it sound strange to your ears to hear me refer to Muslims as friends? To some it does. As we do life together and share the ups and downs of the day-to-day, we get very close, and we share our frustrations and our joys. I have found that people all over the world have similar concerns, whether Christian or Muslim or any other faith.

Peacebuilding Communication Leads to Healthy Organizations

I had the privilege of doing mediation, peacemaking, and organizational consulting for a Christian organization recently. We faced a seemingly intractable conflict and dysfunctional organizational practices. As was expected, this led to tense moments and periods of confusion. However, there was success on all three fronts: mediation was accomplished, peace was experienced, and the organizational realignment was implemented. Why were we successful?

From Perpetual War to Building Peace

The U.S. is moving away from the state of perpetual war that has marked the post 9/11 era. President Obama's May 23 speech on counterterrorism policy makes a strong case for moving the country in the direction of new, more comprehensive strategies that address root causes of terrorism as well as its violent manifestations. He rightly notes that force alone cannot make us safe and that perpetual war will prove self-defeating, and alter our country in troubling ways.

My Jihad Against Islamophobia and All Kinds of Religious Discrimination

I sat down for a meal with Imam Karim and announced I was there to partner with him in his jihad against Islamophobia. A big smile flashed across his face as he reached out to shake my hand across the table. But this conversation was not just about my jihad against Islamophobia.

Seeking Peace Among Muslim Refugees: Three Lessons Learned

World Refugee Day was June 20th, and in honor of that day and all the refugees among us, we'd like to share this blog from Josh Prather, one of our PCI staff who has been working with refugees in Phoenix for several years and has learned a great deal along the way.

Why a Peacebuilding Novice Attended the Evangelicals for Peace Meeting

What am I doing here? How did I get the chance to be in this room? Those questions resonated through my mind countless times during the most recent Evangelicals for Peace (EFP) meeting in Washington, D.C.

Video: End Times Theology

Many people object to working toward peace, in the Middle East for example, because of various End Times beliefs. In this video, Rick Love addresses this objection and discusses an approach to peacemaking in light of End Times theology.

My Friend the Muslim Peacemaker

My colleague Jeff Burns had told me that Imam Abdullah Antepli was an amazing guy, so I was excited when I recently got to meet him during my time at the Duke Center for Reconciliation Summer Institute. Abdullah was co-leading a class on Islam and Christianity with Dr. Ellen Davis, an Old Testament scholar.

Exclusive Truth Claims and Inclusive Love Aims

Many Christians struggle with the balance between holding onto exclusive truth claims and at the same time loving people inclusively. In this video, Rick Love talks about this apparent dichotomy and offers way forward.