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Communities of Reconciliation: Can't We Just Be Enemies?

Jesus told the story of just a little yeast working its way into every part of the dough. The little yeast of peace and reconciliation can do the same to bring good news in this world. This yeast may end up permeating every part of our home countries and all over the world. We are not enemies. We hope for reconciliation with ourselves, God, and even across faiths.

Communities of Reconciliation: Who Will Define Christian-Muslim Relations?

I anxiously prepared for our first Community of Reconciliation gathering. Would anyone show up? Busy international scholars and students are not the easiest people to gather together.

Peace Catalyst's Counter Terrorism Effort

Pakistan is one of the largest Muslim countries in the world and a well-known haven for terrorists, including Al Qaeda and the Taliban. It has a stockpile of over 100 nuclear weapons, positioning Pakistan to be either a deterrent to or a supplier of terrorism.


I looked in my rearview mirror, and a young man in an old Lincoln Towncar was right on my bumper and really agitated about something. I looked at him in the mirror and he flipped me off. WHAT is going on with this guy?

The FBI Came to Our Somali Peace Feast

The FBI agent was a sharply dressed young woman. I wondered why she was attending the Somali Peace Feast. Another friend who works with local internationals said this FBI agent had been a friend to the international community, helping both the agency and the local police department be more sympathetic with the immigrant populations.

EthicsDaily Video Interview with Rick Love

Peace Catalyst president Rick Love was recently interviewed by EthicsDaily, a website challenging people of faith to work for the common good. We'd like to share here a video of the interview for your viewing pleasure.

Terrorism and Peacemaking in Pakistan (Part Two)

During the recent meeting of the Interfaith Leaders Network (ILN) in Nepal, I was in awe as I heard the stories of Pakistani Muslim peacemakers and learned about their work. I have faced many sorts of conflict and been in countless dialogues with Muslims, but this was different. Pakistan was different.

Terrorism and Peacemaking in Pakistan (Part One)

Meet Mossarat Qadeem. She illustrates the side of Pakistan that most Americans never hear about. She leads an organization called Mothers for Change, a womens group unlike any other I have heard of. The goal of her organization is to identify mothers whose sons are being radicalized - young men who are being drawn into Taliban or Al Qaeda type terrorist organizations.

Can You Be a Follower of Jesus and NOT Be a Peacemaker?

I was invited to put on a peacemaking seminar and speak at a large evangelical church. A few months after I confirmed, they also asked me if I would be willing to speak to elementary school children at their Christian school. I do not usually speak to children and was not too excited about it. But when I remembered how Jesus rebuked his disciples for not receiving and blessing children, I knew I had to speak.

Thomas Jefferson, Eboo Patel, and Religious Pluralism

Why would I link the illustrious (principal) author of the U.S. Declaration of Independence and its third president with 38-year-old Indian Muslim immigrant Eboo Patel, founder of the Interfaith Youth Core? The answer is that Jefferson consciously paved the way for Muslims to be citizens of the country he helped to found.