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Hate Crime Meets Love Rally: The Joplin Mosque Burning

I joined hundreds of people last Saturday night (August 25) at Landreth Park in Joplin, Missouri to show solidarity with Muslims whose mosque was recently burned to the ground. The Neighbors Joplin Mosque Rally was organized by 20 year-old Ozark Christian College student Ashley Carter. “We send a message to the world that we will not let anger or hate or ignorance or fear win,” she said. “Peace starts when we always respond in love. We are not going to let hatred win,” she added. “We are going to spread love with radical acts of kindness.”

Video: God's Blessing on Peacemakers

Our last video post was about the fact that God is a God of Peace and what that means for us as we work toward peace. Today, we bring you a video of Rick Love speaking to the Society of Vineyard scholars about what God's blessing is for those who are peacemakers

God of Peace: the Beginning and End of Human History

Earlier this week, we shared with you a video story of radical peacemaking in Nigeria. Today we share with you another video, this time about a vital foundation for the work we do at Peace Catalyst: the fact that God is a God of peace.

Pastor James and Imam Ashafa: Radical Peacemaking in Nigeria

In this video, PCI's Rick Love speaks to the Society of Vineyard Scholars, telling a story that we have been inspired by many times over. It is the story of a Christian pastor and a Muslim imam, in the midst of violence-ridden Nigeria, who find reconciliation and friendship with one another and now work together for peace between Christians and Muslims in their county. We hope this story will inspire you as it has us.

Free To Believe and Practice, Free Not To

Thanks to an email from Chris Seiple, president of the Institute for Global Engagement, I read what he was calling a landmark speech on religious freedom by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Her speech was marking the State Department's release of the 2011 International Freedom of Religion Report, which opens with the words of Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)...

Raising a Harvest of Righteousness

What can bring together a group of Muslims, Christians, and Jews who desire to find reconciliation and to serve those in need? Gardening, that's what! Recently, "Multi-Faith Friends for the Common Good", a group facilitated by Peace Catalyst in Raleigh, North Carolina, came together at a local farm managed by Goodwill Industries to harvest produce for donation to the North Carolina Food Bank, which distributes food aid to the needy.

Reconciliation Possible in Nigeria

It's not that Nigeria is at war. But it does feel like that for many Nigerians, and especially the Christians.

Evangelicals Learn to Wage Peace

Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe leads the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), a global coalition that represents 650 million evangelicals around the world. Hear Geoff describe some of the important new things that WEA is doing to wage peace, including the birth of the World Evangelical Alliance Peace and Reconciliation Initiative.

The Missing Peace of Evangelicalism: Do you Need to be Converted?

The word "peace" conjures up different things to different people. I am a child of the sixties, so my generation links peace with hippies, anti-Vietnam war protests and free love. Others think of beauty queens declaring their hope for "world peace" (I can't help but picture Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality). And many conservative evangelicals assume peace is for liberals (whether theological or political).

Dialogue with Recreational Reconciliation

When some of my international who are friends studying in Davis and the San Francisco Bay area were going to have a one-week break from school, I thought how great it would be for them to see Yosemite Valley. What could be better than to continue to grow in genuine friendship and dialogue about culture, faith, family, and life in the beauty of Yosemite Valley?