Communities of Reconciliation


The purpose of this initiative is to bring together Muslims & Christians from a local community in order to break down walls, create a culture for genuine friendship and open and honest dialogue, and to build bridges for peace, reconciliation, and service to the community at large.

The goal is to find a group of 5-10 Christians and 5-10 Muslims (total of 10 or 20) to agree to meet together monthly for 10 months. The groups will meet for four 3-month periods, with each period ending with a dialogue dinner to discuss each faith community’s learning experiences and the spiritual impact of that period.

We meet on the premise that there is much misunderstanding and distrust among each faith about the other, and we come together to learn about one other in a safe environment and to build genuine friendships. Our intention is not to debate or engage in polemics, nor is it to proselytize. Such actions lead to further distrust and conflict among Muslims and Christians. Rather, it is our hope as believers in One God and His Messengers that we can seek the Straight Path together. When we seek God together in an atmosphere of love, safety and respect, we are all changed by the presence and Spirit of God.


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