Love Your Neighbor Dinner




Peace Catalyst facilitates “Love Your Neighbor Dinners” between churches and mosques. Here are two examples: The Islamic Community Center of Phoenix hosted a “Love Your Neighbor Dinner” where the Vineyard Community Church of Gilbert was invited. The Imam and the Pastor each shared briefly on “Love of Neighbor” from the perspective of their sacred texts, followed by a time of Q&A. The two communities then enjoyed dinner together. The two congregations gathered again on March 13, 2010 at the Vineyard Community Church of Gilbert. The topic of discussion was "Loving the Poor," again followed by Q&A and a shared meal.

The “Love Your Neighbor Dinner” is modeled after a significant global initiative referred to as “A Common Word.” On October 13, 2007 one hundred thirty eight influential Muslim clerics, representing every school and sect of Islam from around the world, wrote an open letter to Christians everywhere calling for dialogue based on the common ground of “love of God and neighbor.” The most famous response to this call for dialogue was issued by the Yale Center for Faith and Culture’s Reconciliation Program, which in turn resulted in a global conference at Yale University July 24-31, 2008.

The President of Peace Catalyst, Dr. Rick Love, had the privilege of both organizing and participating in this conference. Because of this, Peace Catalyst sees “A Common Word” as a profound basis for breaking down barriers and building bridges between Christians and Muslims. 



How to Put on a Love Your Neighbor Dinner 

Orientation for Love Your Neighbor Dinner (At Mosque)  

Orientation for Love Your Neighbor Dinner (At Church)


You do not have to believe every statement in the Common Word or in the Yale Response to affirm its practical potential to build bridges between Christians and Muslims. Would your mosque or church be interested in hosting a dialogue like this? If so, click here to contact us.