Visual Peacemaking


The power of media in the world today is stunning. An incredible amount of what we know and think about the world and about each other comes from media. Television, news, movies, internet, photographs. The world is united by media. It makes the world smaller and brings humanity together by allowing us to know about cultures and people we may never otherwise encounter. 

But media also has an unparalleled power to divide us. Much of what fills the media today has to do with violence and war, and the result of that has, unfortunately, been fear, prejudice, hatred, and stereotypes.

This is exactly why Peace Catalyst is committed to what we call Visual Peacemaking: creating visual media that works to break down stereotypes and prejudices, instead of propagate them. We believe that it is only when we recognize the connectedness of all humanity and see the beauty and dignity in others that we will truly be able to move toward peace and reconciliation.

Ways to Get Involved

International Guild of Visual Peacemakers
Visit to find out more about visual peacemaking and the network of photographers committed to it. 

Get creative
Pick up your camera or video camera and start creating peace-building media in your own city.

Spread the Word!
You don't have to be an artist to participate in visual peacemaking. Get involved by telling everyone you know about visual peacemaking and pointing them to photographers and artists whose work you support.