Hijab For A Day: More Than Meets The Eye

Mar 4

I wore a hijab (head scarf) for a day last week. I'd been invited to participate in World Hijab Day by a friend who is Muslim and wears a head covering. I took her up on the friendly challenge because I don't often get to walk in someone else's shoes and expand my experience of the world. ...Keep Reading

Jesus & ISIS: Five Commands for the Road to Peace

Feb 24

One of the dinner guests asked the eleven of us sitting around a table, “What do you think followers of Jesus should do about ISIS?” After a moment of silence one woman responded, “To be honest with you, I feel like we should respond to ISIS like we should destroy them. I am not saying this is what I should do as a follower of Jesus, but that’s how I feel.”...Keep Reading

Behind the Scenes in D.C., Three Reasons for Peacemakers to Rejoice

Feb 18

When most people think about the U.S. government, things like polarization, gridlock in Congress, and uncivil discourse come to mind. I confess I have tended to be critical about our government. But I just spent ten days in Washington, D.C. and witnessed first-hand some positive things the U.S. Government does that give me hope....Keep Reading

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