Lattes for Peace Challenge

March 25

Will you take up the Latte Challenge and give up nine lattes a month to invest in peace? In the next 30 days, we're looking for 30 people to begin donating $30 a month to our Waging Peace Fund, which helps us continue and expand our work....Keep Reading

Louisville Peace Feast Helps Children in Pakistan

March 18

How amazing. Peace Catalyst gets Christians and Muslims together in Louisville, Kentucky and friendships are formed. Then God uses these connections to care for orphaned Christian children in Pakistan. ...Keep Reading

Featured Peacemaker: Lisa Gibson

March 11

As news of ISIS fills the headlines and the thoughts of people around the world today, we find ourselves, especially as followers of Jesus, asking how we should respond. It’s one thing to talk about how to respond to terrorists, but it’s another to truly live it out. Lisa Gibson is one person who has been personally affected by terrorism and has lived out forgiveness in a profound and extraordinary way....Keep Reading

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