Religious Freedom Part 4: The Humanitarian Crisis You Never Hear About

Oct 30

Most Americans understand that religious freedom is inextricably tied to our country’s founding and development. Most Americans believe that everyone should have the right to follow their conscience without fear. But too few Americans show concern for the plight of people persecuted for their faith around the world....Keep Reading

Video: Jesus-Centered Peacemakers

Oct 22

There are many kinds of peacemaking out there and many people who are doing great things. We at Peace Catalyst identify ourselves specifically as Jesus-Centered peacemakers, and in this video our President Rick Love talks about what that means and what distinctives characterize us as as people who do peacemaking in the way of Jesus....Keep Reading

Featured Peacemaker: Chris Seiple

Oct 15

Religious freedom is one of the most important peacemaking challenges of the 21st century, and Chris Seiple is on the cutting edge...Keep Reading

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