Religious Freedom Part Five: The Best Weapon Against Terrorism

Dec 19

The U.S. is continuing its bombing campaign against ISIS. Secretary of State John Kerry has asked Congress for ground troops. It looks like we will soon see bombs in the air and boots on the ground once again. But below the radar screen, Obama has appointed and Congress has confirmed Rabbi David Saperstein as the new Ambassador-At-Large For International Religious Freedom....Keep Reading

The CIA & Torture: The War on Terror Became the War of Terror

Dec 12

I was happy when the Senate Intelligence Committee report came out this week and exposed the brutal and unfruitful interrogation tactics of the CIA. I understand the good intentions of the CIA , but torture is illegal, ineffective, and immoral....Keep Reading

Can Muslims and Christians Celebrate Thanksgiving Together? (The Answer in 7 Images)

Dec 10

Last month, in partnership with our church, Fellowship of Christ, Carrie and I and our Peace Catalyst crew hosted a Muslim-Christian Thanksgiving Gathering. More than 30 of our Muslim friends, representing several different area mosques, blessed us with their presence, and we had almost as many Christians from a number of different churches....Keep Reading

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