My Summer With Peace Catalyst

Sep 24

I came into the summer ready to impress everyone, and instead I'm sitting here now humbled by my experiences and the people I met. My name is Riley Naylor, and I was blessed to work as an intern with Peace Catalyst this summer....Keep Reading

What Box Do We Fit In?

Sep 17

As an evangelical peacemaking organization, we find that people often have a hard time figuring us out. There are several "boxes" people tend to try to fit our work into, so in response to the questions we normally get, in this video Rick Love talks about each of these "boxes" and where we fit. ...Keep Reading

Featured Peacemaker: Chris Rice

Sep 10

I first met Chris in January of 2010 when Jim Mullins and I flew to Duke Divinity School to share with him about the birth of Peace Catalyst. I was impressed with his wisdom and gentleness and noticed that he exuded such peace that he seemed like a bit of a mystic. ...Keep Reading

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