3D: The End of Dual Identities

Aug 27

Many Christians, especially missionaries, around the globe have lived under the stress of having dual identities or being "undercover" for Jesus. In this video, Rick Love tells his personal story, what he's learned about this, and why we at Peace Catalyst place such high value on having one message that makes sense to everyone who listens to us. ...Keep Reading

Religious Freedom Part 3: Making the World Safe for Diversity

Aug 20

Over fifty years ago, President John F. Kennedy gave a compelling commencement address on world peace. In one of his famous quotes, Kennedy declared, “If we cannot end now our differences, at least we can make the world safe for diversity.” What a profoundly practical definition of peace. So how do you feel about making the world safe for diversity?...Keep Reading

Featured Peacemaker: Glen Stassen

Aug 20

The long-asked question concerning the Christian response to war has historically had two answers: pacifism, meaning that war is never justified; and "Just War" theory, meaning that there are certain circumstances which justify killing during war. That was, until Glen Stassen presented his third option, Just Peacemaking....Keep Reading

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