The Only Way

Nov 19

"To tell you the truth, I've done the normal, 'nice' interfaith stuff, and now I want something different," my Muslim friend said as he looked down at his coffee. "I want to start a group that takes seriously working for peace, compassion, and justice - we need to stand up for each other and really work for the good of our neighbor. I think you would agree - are you interested?"...Keep Reading

Featured Peacemaker: David Shenk

Nov 13

by Rick Love Link: Recommend...Keep Reading

Treatment of Non-Muslims in Muslim-Majority Countries

Nov 5

PCI's Martin Brooks has been making a series of short video interviews with his friend Imam Wasif. They discuss a wide range of issues concerning Christian-Muslim relations, and today they talk about the treatment of non-Muslims in Muslim-majority countries. ...Keep Reading

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